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Session 305: The Unfair Expectations of ITSM

Katrina Macdermid  (Co-Founder & Director, HIT Global)

Date: Wednesday, November 20

Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

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Track: Connecting the Dots: Frameworks and Methodologies

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Fundamental/Intermediate

In a world increasingly focused on service quality, IT departments are now being tasked with a new challenge: creating great user experience. This shift raises a critical debate, led by Katrina in her concept of Humanising IT™:
Do all experiences need to be great?
This question highlights a key issue. While service-based companies pour resources into design thinking and customer understanding to foster positive interactions, IT professionals are often left equipped only with traditional ITSM frameworks, which were never designed to create and support experiences. This disparity sets the stage for Katrina's discussion on redefining the role of IT service management in enhancing user engagement.
Katrina has turned the stage on traditional ITSM by integrating human-centered design principles—elements traditionally overlooked in IT frameworks. By advocating for this integration, she aims to educate and empower IT professionals to create positive experiences that benefit both the users and the IT professionals supporting them. Join Katrina as she explores how these shifts in perspective and approach can transform IT from a background support function into a frontline facilitator of positive user experiences.


Understanding User Needs: Learn how to apply human-centered design principles to design IT processes and services that are not only functional but also intuitive.
Redefining ITSM Role: Discover strategies to transform the role of ITSM from technical support to a critical player in enabling business outcomes.
Empowerment through Education: Gain insights on how education and awareness can empower IT professionals to innovate and improve service outcomes.