Breakfast Briefing 4: Leading a Successful ITSM Tool Implementation

David Mainville (CEO, Navvia)

Location: Congressional A/B

Date: Wednesday, October 17

Time: 7:30am - 8:15am

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Track: Breakfast Briefing

Format: 45 Minute Facilitated Discussion Group

Vault Recording: TBD

Anyone can implement an ITSM tool - it takes leadership to do it right!
The biggest single fallacy when it comes to implementing ITSM tools is the current trend towards out-of-the-box.
It sounds great on the surface - no fuss, no muss - but it seldom works in practice. It's like buying a suit off the rack - one size DOES NOT fit all.

There is an opportunity cost to a failed implementation. Missed deadlines, application rework, increased costs, reduced customer satisfaction, not to mention the hit to your department's reputation.

Join David Mainville, CEO and co-founder of Navvia, as he shares his experience from a 30+ year career spanning ITSM practitioner to executive management, providing you with practical advice for a successful ITSM tool implementation.
So, imagine if you could eliminate the silos and increase collaboration across the organization from service providers to the employees making requests? It’s time to create effortless support and services, while centralizing the service management experience on a unified platform.